Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dr. Phil vs. Ricki Lake

This is one wrestling match I'd pay to see. (I think Ricki would win!)

Dr. Phil is doing a special on "Bad Home Birth Experiences." He is asking anyone who has had a negative experience with their home birth midwife to get in touch to be on his talk show. Seems like an odd choice for him, but with Ricki Lake's documentary, "The Business of Being Born," bringing so much positive attention to home birth, he must want a little of the action. Below is a link where they are looking for guests on the show. Feel free to share hospital horror stories. MRSA anyone? Forced c-section? Unnecessary episiotomy? The choices are endless.



Tiffany said...

i hear that the show will air tomorrow a.m. (wednesday)

it will be on 'the doctors'...a show by dr. phil.

yeah, i cannot wait -dripping sarcasm-

my kids are gonna freak out when mommy is yelling at the TV :/

Kelli said...

I wrote to the Dr. Phil show as a midwife. I got a response from someone working on his son's new show, "The Doctors", asking me a few more questions to possibly be a guest on the new show. I declined the offer, but did answer the thought provoking questions he asked me. (you can see what I wrote at www.mytipoftheiceberg.blogspot.com)I also encouraged them to contact Ricki Lake to be a guest on the show. I hope something good will come of this.

pinky said...

Hey seriously. Some folks I am sure have had a bad experience with homebirth just the same as some folks have had bad experience with the hospital birth. It is not a universal good thing to deliver at home. Nor is it a universal good thing to deliver in certain hospitals. Two sides to everything. Many variables to think about. Many times it is the people who are there with you and how you get along with them.

I am not fond of Rikki Lake or Dr. Phil doing programs on childbirth. Neither has what I would call any back ground in childbirth. Tina, I read your book. You seem to have a good grasp on it. That is why I read your blog.

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