Sunday, September 14, 2008

And what happens when the machine is wrong?

This. Is. Gross. The computer rendering of the mother doesn't help.


Kim said...

*shudder* I don't even want to know what this will do to c-section rates!

BTW, your book was incredible! I keep lending it to people =)

Anonymous said...

I saw this a while back. I can just imagine how many times they'd have to be in my vagina to replace it because it fell out.

if i were to actually agree to it.
if i were to need a hospital birth.

pinky said...

Machines are wrong all the time. That is no suprize. I don't think this will actually become popular. They build all sorts of things each year. Doesn't mean they make it into the hospital.

Just cause we can do something, does not mean we do it. I almost never see IUPCs in use.

ANd Tina, Gross? Kinda reminds me of the folks who think taking your placenta home and planting it in the back yard is gross. Different strokes for different folks.

pinky said...

ANd if you are worried about the C-section rates, I would relax. I think they will be going down soon. Just as soon as we have a huge increase in maternal morbidity and mortality.

C-sections I really don't mind attending. It is the ones where we code the mother that make my skin crawl.

Tina Cassidy said...

Pinky, what do you mean by "code" the mother?

pinky said...

I mean Advanced cardiac life support. Any OR proceedure can go south. It is rare but can happen and will happen more when we do more sections on primips that are 40 years old and around the corner from their heart attack. Heart attacks are coming earlier these days and babies are being born later. So you have an intersection of women stressing a system that is already starting to give out a bit.

When I say code, I mean code. Like Doctor the patient is no longer breathing or has a pulse. So we code her. A code consists of cpr and drugs and electricity. When you do this to a young woman it is one of the most horrible things ever.

But to get back to your machine there. I don't think that will be something that will become popular. Folks are always trying to sell new stuff to L&D. Now if they could improve the eFM to just get babys heart rate and not impinge on mother's movement, they would have a sale in my mind.

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