Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beyond kegels

I am posting this email I received from a physical therapist:

The comment I wanted to make, which you have touched upon in your blog, was that as a physical therapist who specializes in treating women with pelvic floor dysfunctions, both incontinence and pelvic pain, I am dismayed by the discussion that comes up in the uro-gyn conferences I attend, concerning the pelvic floor and childbirth. Yes, some women actually have muscle tearing, nerve damage, weakened connective tissue BUT what never comes up, especially from the gyn's, is the practice of sending patients for a post-partum physical therapy evaluation and starting treatment if necessary. Unfortunately, many female ob's are opting for Csections as way to "preserve" the pelvic floor and that attitude influences the profession.
Unlke Australia and other countries where physical therapists are more involved in obstetric and post-partum care, there is less awareness among physicians that women can benefit from PT.
thanks for listening,
Debra Goldman, PT
Montclair, NJ

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