Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raw milk mania

There is an excellent article in the current issue of the New Yorker on raw milk, chronicling how the feds are cracking down on the sale of the unpasteurized variety.The story, focused on a "milk trafficking gang known as the Rawesome Three" in California, posits that raw milk is the new 'pot.'

As I wrote in my book -- and this piece points out -- pasteurization came about because of swill dairies in the mid-19th century; cows were fed the grain leftover from whiskey production. That milk was making children sick. Pasteurization was the cure. And the concept became embedded in our culture.

After reading how federal agents were dumping out thousands of gallons of raw milk in their raids, it made me think: Aren't soda, Twinkies and cigarettes all more dangerous in the long term? Why aren't they illegal? (Actually, raw milk IS LEGAL in California)...So, instead of ranting, I will just say this:

Here's my jug.

Come and get me.

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