Thursday, February 04, 2010

Gisele and home birth

I can finally say that Gisele and I used the same home birth midwife, a wonderful woman who believes in what she does, believes in women "owning" their birth and the empowerment it can provide.

Choosing the same midwife is not all Gisele and I have in common. Our sons were born on the same date, Dec. 8 (two years apart), and... well, we both have handsome husbands.

But seriously, I am so eager to see what effect, if any, a Brazilian supermodel's choice to give birth at home can have on women's perceptions about it and whether the publicity can help reduce the soaring c-section rate in the US and Brazil (where it is close to 90 percent in some places).

One can hope.


Katharine said...

Yes, I am eager to see the ripple effect Gisele's choices might have on other women. I'm hoping it will also plant a seed in the minds of women and girls who are not yet planning pregnancy. Crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

My friend and I were recently talking about how technology has become so integrated in our day to day lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that discussion we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

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Cakewalk said...

I was so excited that you posted on my blog!! Thank you! Just had to tell you that I'm planning a VBAC with Baby #2 in July. You are a huge inspiration.

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