Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thanks to Jennifer Block for setting the record straight on breast-is-best evidence. It was also good to come across a story in the NY Times a couple days ago that emphasises that not only is breastfeeding good for babies, it is good for moms. Both of these pieces come on the heels of the controversial piece that Hanna Rosin wrote for Atlantic Monthly, essentially equating the duties of breastfeeding with shackles.


pinky said...

Here is my personal thing about breast feeding. No RCT studies just my own experience. Which is that the formula does seems to upset their little bellys in many children. My first was bottle fed and in retrospect I think breast feeding her might have helped her terrible upset stomach. Then came along my son. I breast fed him. No stomach problems but a very difficult dispositon. You can't win sometimes.

But if a Mom is very unhappy breast feedng, she should be able to say, "no thankyou" without feeling like a criminal. Motherhood is more than just nutrition. We all have something to bring to the table. I would rather folks focus on their strong points than beat themselves us about crap. Because it is very nonproductive. Also some women have hiv, herpes, etc and do not want to transfer that to their infant if possible. So some women absolutely should not breast feed.

Anonymous said...
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