Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Business of Being Born reviews

Before my next installment about my own recent childbirth esxperience, I wanted to comment on several reviews of the "The Business of Being Born," Ricki Lake's documentary about home birth, which is about to come out in select theaters and on Netflix. (Disclaimer, I am in the film).

Boo Hiss. My big complaint here is the "kicker," which is journalism-speak for the ending. The reviewer says birth is nobody's business but that of the woman doing it. Fine. But this is the sort of attitude that has stopped women from discussing childbirth in any meaningful way. Stifling conversation leads us down the road of ignorance.

Pretty enlightened for a guy.

http://lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk/health/story/0,,2237865,00.html (written by a home birther in London who tells me an editor inserted the words "gross" into this piece...)


Natalie said...

Thank you!!
I did not like that slate piece either- I'd like for the author to review the movie AFTER she has children!

Rachel said...

That last piece was interesting. I would like to know what sources she was citing when she said that homebirth is increasing in the US. As far as I know that 1% has stayed static for the last twenty years.

I loved the line 'As an ex-drug addict, the endorphins are the best high I've ever had.'!

Thanks for finding these.
Rachel, Homebirth Midwife, NYC

Tina Cassidy said...

Rachel, I think you are right, that the number has remained static, though there may be anecdotal evidence that it is rising slightly -- perhaps not enough to bump it up to 2 percent. However, any movement in a statistic so small is significant, though. I loved the endorphin quote, too. Thanks for reading. And keep up the good work in New York.

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