Thursday, October 26, 2006

Park City

The event at the Spotted Frog was a great success, as dozens of readers -- including three pregnant women, many dads and two midwives -- sat around a fire, sipped wine, and asked pointed questions. The discussion continued well beyond the reading, and conversation followed me back to the home of friends Paul and Katherine, who live in Park City. In fact, it was the men who seemed the hungriest for answers about the eternal debate between natural vs. medicalized childbirth. (It was well past midnight when we realized the debate should be suspended for the time being.)Passions ran high on all sides, but at least no one ended up in tears, which is how the event at Kepler's concluded, with a mom who was sad about a c-section from a breech, along with her baby's heart defect, requiring surgery. "We're both scarred," she said.

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