Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fresh Air feedback

My interview on Fresh Air really seemed to strike a nerve. Here, in no particular order, are some of the comments I received from total strangers. I will post them separately so that people can comment:
"I heard you speak on the radio today and I wish you luck with your new book. It sounds very interesting. However, there is something that surprised me about your childbirth experience. It appears that you were surprised when you first entered the hospital about their policies and procedures concerning the birth process. Since you appear to be so well-informed, I was surprised that you did not choose a hospital that had policies and procedures compatible with how you wanted your birth experience to be. I had my son 20 years ago and, even then, it was part of many women's education to decide what kind of experience they wanted and choose a compatible hospital. That's why I chose Newton Wellesley. First and foremost (and the most important requirement for me) is that they did not have any medical residents in obstetrics. Secondly, they did not require a fetal monitor and I was able to eat, and even drink throughout. I had a midwife and used the birthing room. I was 2 months short of 42 years old!"

My response:"Debra, thanks for writing. I was informed. I had a birth plan. I
specifically stated that I did not want an epidural. I did not want
residents attending. I did not want an EFM. I did not want an IV. What
I was ignorant about was the level to which hospitals ignor birth
plans, and push all of the above as standard. I also asked for a
midwife, and was told to she was too busy to deal. I think alot has
changed in the last 20 years and much of the progress made as a result
of the natural birth movement has been lost. I hope you enjoy the

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